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Land Survey




GEOxyz provides topographic surveying services. This involves the production of data & maps which are true to scale. Fully automated and digital data capture with the correct coding enables surveys to be easily processed onto the correct layers on return to office, thereby shortening survey turnaround times. GEOxyz surveyors are experienced in carrying out topographic surveys for waterworks, infrastructure, construction and civil engineering, property developers, utility companies, railways, pipelines, river surveys and other large projects.

• GPS navigation and surveys

• Survey of routes, highways, railways & infrastructure

• Industrial measurements

• Atimetry, 3D modeling, DTM, GIS

• Deformation monitoring and analysis

• Volume calculations

• Survey of existing situations for purchase & selling of property

• Building application

• Survey of facades and architecture

• Landscaping, environmental issues,

• Separation of properties,...

• Survey of sewer systems and infrastructures

• Appraisal of real estate

• General topographic support


XDE nemo kabel


The Trimble R6 receiver is a very precise and reliable GPS system, vital ingredients for precision topography. The Superior tracking feature on the RTK enables our topographers to go where no topographers have previously gone!

Windmolen opbouw

Total Station

GEOxyz topographers use the Trimble S6 Total station. This system offers a more flexible way of working. Thanks to the refined technique and large scale of possibilities, GEOxyz topographers are able to deliver the most accurate data without delay.


Mobile & Static Laserscanning

GEOxyz uses a ”Riegl VZ-400 laser scanner” suited for mobile 3D mapping applications. In order to register scan data acquired from moving platforms, such as boats, road and off-road vehicles, the laser scanner is supplemented by position and attitude sensors, for example GPS and IMU.