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Creating value for our clients

About us

GEOxyz has established itself as a European leading service provider, focusing on Marine Site Investigation, Asset Integrity and Terrestrial Survey. Our expertise, people, equipment and technology provides our clients with the information and data required to design, construct and maintain structures and infrastructures. GEOxyz carries out activities across Europe and performs specific projects all over the world.

We firmly believe that our future services will increasingly be based on automation and remote control, therefore a key focus for our R&D teams is to develop and enhance our autonomous instrumentation and fleet, nearshore, offshore and in the air. We are driven by a focus to improve the key performance metrics of time, cost and quality, while at the same time reducing our environmental impact and improving safety.

The customer base of GEOxyz is very extensive and includes governments, maritime construction and dredging companies as well as major energy players. The vast majority, however, are mainly situated in the renewable energy sector, with the development of offshore wind farms, for example, requiring a great deal of measurement work. After all, this data should allow for detailed mapping of the selected areas in order to enable the design of the turbine foundations. In the meantime, in the renewable offshore energy market, GEOxyz also offers an extensive range of support services that they can realize with their fleet, such as transporting people to the wind turbines or organizing maintenance and inspections of the wind turbine foundations.

Our mission

GEOxyz’ mission is to create value for our client’s international projects based on enhanced data acquisition in the “on and off shore” environments, combining state of the art equipment, people and in-house solution capability. GEOxyz are committed to ensuring zero harm to people, equipment and the environment and conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner.

Our vision

GEOxyz’s vision is to provide innovative solutions and tools to support the increasing demand in high level data acquisition and processing for our “on and off shore” client base. GEOxyz will become the reference and full service supplier in this high standard market through a strong focus on quality and brand awareness.

Quality, health, safety & environmental management (QHSE)

GEOxyz has a fully operational Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) Management System in place, this is to ensure it guarantees or exceeds its Client’s requirements at a minimum, as well as attaining relevant legal standards.

The system has documented procedures in place to ensure quality acquisition for the collection, processing, validation of data and that the final reporting meet’s its client’s requirements.

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GEOxyz’ philosophy starts from “Plan-Do- Check-Act” and as such follows the principles of continuous assessment and improvement as described by Deming (Deming Circle). Overall, GEOxyz’ commitment is to perform its projects in a safe environment and to respect the environment at all times.

GEOxyz have successfully completed and incorporated the following international certifications into their Integrated Management System (IMS), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 .