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GEOxyz is developing a hydrogen powered CTV

ISHY Hydrogen CTV

ISHY Project description

The shipping sector currently emits 3% of all greenhouse gases worldwide.  Shipping companies and the port authorities are increasingly decarbonisation and zero-emission fuels. In doing so, they are faced with a lot of obstacles faced. To overcome some of these obstacles, the ISHY project will explore the following areas of activity:

• Testing the effectiveness of low-carbon propulsion technologies

• Demonstrating the feasibility of H2 bunkering facilities in a port

• Develop tools to facilitate the transition to low-carbon propulsion systems support, both for retrofitting and for the construction of new ships

More concretely, the following actions will be taken:

• Build Crew Transfer Vessel with hybrid propulsion system powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

• Equipment of inland vessel with a hybrid propulsion system on hydrogen assis

• Construction of new river cruise ship with electric propulsion system

• Development of H2 fuel cell module (for use in ships)

• Development and installation of H2 bunker station for ships in Port of Ostend.

GEOxyz (GEOAqua) is working on a green Crew Transfer Vessel to transfer technicians and goods to offshore wind farms in a hybrid way by using hydrogen.
The specific aim is to increase the adoption of this low CO2-technology in the offshore wind industry and to contribute towards a greener supply chain in gaining green energy. The main goal is to decrease the environmental footprint of GEO aqua’s vessel fleet.

More information on the ISHY project

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