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Subsea & Marine Asset Integrity

Scour Monitoring & Protection

Streambed scour is the erosion at the base of underwater structures. Scouring can occur in any area of water flow, from streams and rivers to tidal estuaries. This erosion is caused by water flow, and increases during times of swift, high flow, such as during a flood or a storm.

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Monitoring scour is a critical concern for guaranteeing the safety and durability of submerged structures, particularly in dynamic aquatic settings. The indentations and voids created in the seabed due to scour can pose a threat to the integrity and stability of your infrastructure, whether it be a bridge, dock, pipeline, or offshore asset.

By conducting a thorough scour monitoring survey, we can furnish you with accurate, reliable information regarding the condition of streambed scour. This ensures your underwater structures remain secure and dependable.