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Vattenfall | 3D seismic for Swedish Kriegers Flak

Kriegers Flak, Sweden

Client Vattenfall
3D seismic survey
summer 2023

Located approximately 16 nautical miles (30 kilometers) off the south coast of Sweden, the Swedish Kriegers Flak wind farm site has emerged as a frontrunner among Vattenfall's offshore wind projects. Covering a vast area of 63 square kilometers, this ambitious venture is set to revolutionize Sweden's renewable energy landscape. With a capacity of 650 MW, the wind farm will incorporate around 46 wind turbine generators (WTG) and an offshore substation (OSS). 

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As preparations for the project development, GEOxyz was contracted to conduct detailed geophysical surveys of the seabed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the geological structures and potential geo hazards in the area. 

The survey provided the client with high-resolution and high-quality geophysical data covering areas around the proposed WTG locations, intra-array cable (IAC) corridors, and export cable corridor (ECC).

The data collected will be used to develop a ground model, plan and design the project, identify potential UXO targets, and micro-siting/micro-routing of WTG foundations, and cables along the IAC and the ECC. 

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For each vessel, a specific task

For the project we employed a range of vessels for the surveys, including the Geo Ocean V for the UXO survey and the Geo Ocean VI for the 3D-UHRS survey.

The Geosurveyor V and Geosurveyor XVII vessels performed the UXO surveys in ultra-shallow and nearshore areas, respectively. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the wind farm site was meticulously examined.


UXO survey

For the UXO survey we used two wings with a total of 16 magnetometers towed behind the vessel. The magnetometer data was examined on-board by the data processors who checked the required quality of the data.