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GEOxyz strongly believes in Research and Development. We have our own in house R&D department, the team is dedicated to look for the best possible solution for the engineering challenges they face.

Research and Development may be quite money- and time consuming. However we feel it is necessary to develop various innovations if we want to take our role as market leaders and thus benefit from that economic return on investment. The research and/or development is typically not performed with the expectation of immediate profit. Instead, it is expected to contribute to the long-term profitability of a company.

We believe that the future growth of our business sits in a large part with the R&D department. Not only do our engineers create new tools, but they also redesign and improve existing designs to keep competitive in an ever changing market.

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Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Autonomous Martime Drones.

We believe that with the development of drones or Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), the way our measurement campaigns are conducted will change significantly. We are therefore committed to developing our own USVs, which can carry multiple sensors. Smaller units can be used for harbor and intertidal surveys, with the larger types often deployed offshore. This first in support of manned vessels and later as an autonomous solution. On inland waterways, we use our USVs several times a week. They are greener, safer and faster

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ISHY – Implementation of Ship Hybridisation.

GEOxyz is involved in the development and construction of a hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV). This will allow for lower carbon dioxide exhaust emissions. For this vessel, also hydrogen will be used as an energy carrier. This CTV will be demonstrated to the involved stakeholders.

ISHY project website

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The cultivation of seaweed and the aquaculture in general becomes more and more important. If a wind farm can have an additional goal this can be a double win.

Wier&Wind project website



Electronic and mechanical design.

Specific survey tasks require novel sensor setups. GEOxyz is developing installations and methods in order to improve the accuracy of the measurements and the efficiency of the total process of data gathering and data processing.