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Metocean Monitoring buoy

Our sister company Accurasea, offers wind measuring buoys that are equipped with LiDAR sensors allowing the accurate measurement of the vertical profile of the wind at sea, waves and currents as well as all physical data coming from the marine environment.

Accurasea metocean LIDAR

This specially designed buoy can measure wind speeds up to 200 m above the water, while being positioned on bottoms of more than 50 m. The accuracy is a valuable factor in reducing uncertainty in energy resource assessment for operators of future offshore wind farms and oil and gas fields. 

The Accurasea buoy facilitates the planning, design and operation of offshore wind farms and oil and gas platforms. The buoy can be fitted with various measuring instruments (radar, acoustic sounders, hydrophones, aerial and underwater video cameras) whose information is associated with weather parameters and water mass characteristics (currents, temperature, salinity, oxygen, turbidity). With this combination of sensors, it is possible to monitor a full range of meteorological and oceanographic conditions and quantify the effects on the platforms. Extreme events can be monitored and the results incorporated into the design of new platforms. 

The Accurasea buoy is designed to be easy to deploy and has a mooring system that is suitable for a variety of sites.  It is energy self-sufficient while being reliable and robust with controlled manufacturing and operating costs. The buoy has been designed to be transported in two standard 40-foot containers, allowing it to be shipped quickly and economically to all continents by standard ship or truck.

more info on the ACCURASEA website