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Seaweed & wind project

Towards sustainable and profitable seaweed cultivation within the Belgian -Dutch border region.

This project aims to greatly improve the quality and yield of seaweed cultivation at sea.

This should make profitable and sustainable seaweed cultivation possible within wind warms on the North Sea, via scaling up, mechanization, within the framework of the wind farms and in balance with the ecosystem.

The global demand for seaweed is high and will continue to grow in the coming years. This offers a unique opportunity for sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in the North Sea region.

In recent years, several small-scale seaweed initiatives have been started in the European coastal area, especially close to the coastline. However, large-scale cultivation of seaweed is not yet possible with the current state of cultivation techniques.

In this project, companies Murre Technologies, GEOxyz and The Seaweed Company want to significantly increase the production of seaweed. The seaweed collective North Sea Farmers and knowledge institutions Ugent and HZ University of Applied Science will support them in this. Together, the partners will develop a large-scale, automated seaweed cultivation system that is reliable at sea and can be used in the many wind farms in the North Sea. In this way, the project contributes to the multiple use of space in the wind farms.

Please check the projects website for more information