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GEOxyz completes pre-installation surveys for Princess Elisabeth (MOG II) energy island

GEOxyz have successfully completed the pre-installation geophysical surveys in the area of Elia’s Princess Elisabeth (MOG II) artificial energy island in the Belgian North Sea. These surveys were conducted for the Belgian consortium TM Edison, comprising Jan de Nul and Deme, who will be responsible for constructing the world's first energy island. 

The MOG II energy island project aims to establish an offshore high voltage grid connection from the Belgian offshore wind zones to an onshore high voltage transmission grid and will be the world’s first artificial energy island. MOG II will also serve as the cornerstone of an integrated European offshore electricity grid that will connect various hubs and countries together. Situated approximately 43 km offshore from the Belgian Coast, this ambitious project is set to revolutionize the renewable energy sector. 

GEOxyz conducted thorough pre-installation surveys that consisted of a Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES) survey, along with a Magnetometer and Side-Scan Sonar (SSS) survey. These surveys aimed to achieve several primary objectives, including the acquisition of precise bathymetric data, high-resolution SSS data, and magnetometer data, essential for the production of ALARP certificates. 

With our company's advanced equipment and highly skilled team, we executed the operation with remarkable efficiency. The Geo Ocean V has performed this project in which it utilized its extensive experience based on its successful track record in similar endeavors. 

As the MOG II energy island project progresses, GEOxyz remains dedicated to supporting TM Edison in the realization of this ambitious venture. The construction of the world's first energy island represents a significant milestone in the renewable energy landscape, and GEOxyz is proud to be part of this historic journey.  

Released 14-06-2023