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GEOxyz breaks ground on new innovation center at Ostend Science Park

Last Friday was a momentous occasion at GEOxyz as we broke ground for our brand new innovation center in Ostend Science Park. The event was marked by an inspiring speech from our CEO, Patrick Reyntjens, highlighting the significance of this milestone in our company's history and the exciting opportunities it presents for the future.

Growth journey
Having started as a small topographical company 25 years ago, GEOxyz has experienced tremendous growth in the last 5 years. Transitioning from land surveying to becoming a prominent player in the offshore industry, we are now proud to rank among the top survey companies worldwide.

Blue economy: new developments
Looking ahead, we are eager to embrace the new developments in the ever-changing world of the blue economy. With our dedicated R&D department, we are well-positioned to tackle innovative technologies and drive progress in the industry, offering future-proof services to our clients. 

Our new innovation center in Ostend will serve as a hub for creative thinking, experimentation, and collaboration among our talented team members from diverse disciplines.

Connection with Ostend

We carefully selected Ostend as the site for our innovation center due to its status as a significant hub for the blue economy. The city's rich maritime history, strong academic background, and innovative spirit make it the perfect location to realize our ambitions. 

Ostend Science Park, with its proximity to the North Sea and a thriving community of blue economy companies, provides an ideal environment for our expansion as a maritime company. Furthermore, the close proximity of our HUB  to our new innovation center adds significant value.

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R&D Community
We recognize the importance of community and collaboration. Being part of Ostend Science Park will enable us to work closely with other companies in the blue economy and leverage the presence of Ghent University to solve the challenges we face. This collaboration will facilitate knowledge sharing, expertise pooling, and the development of groundbreaking solutions.

Furthermore we are excited VITO is housing their WaterClimateHub within our innovation center, and are looking forward to close collaborations between the GEOxyz and VITO team.

Creating sustainable survey solutions
Our new innovation center not only symbolizes our commitment to innovation but also reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsibility. We aim to accelerate the transition towards sustainable data collection in the blue economy by investing in innovative technologies. Our focus on autonomous surface vehicles and maritime drones demonstrates our commitment to improving efficiency, safety, and minimizing the ecological footprint of the maritime industry.

In addition to conducting research and development on maritime drones, our innovation center  will serve as the hub for our remote control operations of autonomous surface vehicles. This facility will act as the central command center, coordinating and controlling our entire fleet.

With construction to commence in 2023, we are excited about the future possibilities that our innovation center will unlock. We envision it as a place where boundaries are pushed, new concepts are developed, and technological breakthroughs are achieved. 

Released on 30-05-2023