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GEOdrone 6800 is first USV on official duty in Belgian OWF

Breaking new ground, the GEOdrone 6800 takes center stage as the very first Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) on official duty in an Offshore Belgian wind farm. 

Its first-ever mission involves gathering bathymetric survey data collected with a multibeam echosounder (MBES) for Otary within its concessions Rentel, Seastar and Mermaid.

Marine drones are reshaping the survey industry with:

✅ Redefined safety: minimizing human risk through autonomous operations.
✅ Unmatched efficiency: surveys completed at an unprecedented pace.
✅ Eco-conscious practices: utilizing smaller vessels to diminish our carbon footprint.

For this pilot-project, the GEOdrone 6800 still operated alongside a mother vessel, serving as its operational base. In the near future, our marine drones will be operated from onshore remote control rooms, thereby maximizing safety and further minimizing our carbon footprint.

Embracing offshore wind's pivotal role in combating climate change, innovations like the GEOdrone 6800 pave the way for sustainable energy solutions.